How to Choose a Car Accident Lawyer in Calgary

Car accidents are never pleasant. After an accident, a stressful time always starts, because even if you are not injured, you are likely at fault. For that reason, getting a good car accident lawyer is very important. After a car accident you will most definitely go to court, and it is therefore very important to have the best Calgary lawyer who will fight for you and represent you in the best way possible. A lawyer can also help you claim a large amount of compensation. Here are some tips that can help you to get the best car accident lawyer in Calgary.



Look for a Calgary lawyer who has adequate experience in car accident cases. A lawyer who has more than five years experience in car accident cases will have more than enough knowledge. They will realize small details that might be overlooked by other lawyers who do not deal with these types of cases very often. The best car accident lawyers are the ones who are found in your local area, since they understand the laws in your area that can help you.


Ask for recommendation from your usual lawyer, relatives, friends and neighbours. They will provide you with a number of car accident lawyers they have recently hired and they were happy with. Remember to ask about the cost, reliability and how committed the lawyer was with their cases.

Initial Consultation

The best Calgary lawyer to hire is one that does not charge you for the first meeting. By meeting them face to face, you will know whether you can work with them well or not. When you have a lot of bills to pay after an accident, like medical bills, you need a car accident lawyer in Calgary that you will be comfortable with.


Get to the lawyer’s website and look for testimonials. Even though you may need more information than what is on the websites, starting here is good. Ask the Calgary lawyer you want to choose for a number of clients they have served in the recent past. Contact them to know their experience with the car accident lawyer in Calgary you want to hire. The lawyer should be willing to provide you with a list of their past clients. Choose a lawyer who has many positive comments from their references.


Find out the cost that you will incur when you hire to potential lawyer to present you in court. Most lawyers who deal in car accident cases charge on a contingency basis. This is the best method of payment as you will not pay them upfront. The lawyers get payment from part of your compensation after they win the case. In cases where they do not win the case, they do not ask for any payment. It is also very important to ask how much percentage they will charge.


Car lawyers are members of justice associations. Ask a potential car accident lawyer in Calgary if they belong to any associations. Most lawyers who belong to these associations are likely to be more committed to effective and fair justice.

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