Legal Services Offered in Victoria

Any legal issues you face, whether it is divorce or criminal charges, can impact your future quite significantly. For this reason, it is always advisable to seek the help of experienced and result-oriented lawyers to guide and even represent you when handling any legal issues. Fortunately, there are various well-established legal firms that are renowned for offering reliable legal advice and representation.


Legal Services Offered in Victoria

If you are in the city of Victoria, you can find reputable law firms that offer a wide range of legal services. These firms are staffed with seasoned lawyers who employ a personalized approach in achieving successful resolution of specific legal issues. Besides offering topnotch legal representation in the court of law, these knowledgeable lawyers can also help in negotiating an out-of-court agreement. This may turn out to be less involving, less expensive and quite effective. Some of the legal services that are offered by these firms include:

  1. Criminal Law

The criminal law experience of these firms encompasses different phases of the entire litigation process. They can help right from the pre-charge investigations through the trial and appellate proceedings. Their lawyers have extensive experience in different areas, ranging from murder, extradition, death penalty, impaired driving, as well as traffic tickets. They will give your case the dedication and attention it requires.

Even if there are already criminal charges against you, the professionals will help you to understand your rights, how your case will be viewed in court and how events may unfold through the entire process. The qualified criminal lawyers will help you to understand the available options, enabling you to protect your future. They can handle different types of criminal cases, whether they’re simple or serious ones. These may include:

  1. Impaired driving
  2. Dangerous driving

III. Driving while prohibited

  1. Drug Trafficking
  2. Drug cultivation or production
  3. Sexual assault

VII. Sex with minors

VIII. Commercial fraud

  1. Robbery or theft
  2. Break and Enter
  3. Kidnapping or parental abduction

XII. Murder/Manslaughter

XIII. Dangerous or long-term offender

XIV. Assault

  1. Spousal assault and

XVI. Arson

  1. Family Law

Ending a relationship can be a very emotional and stressful process, and that is why family law cases require special attention, as well as trust. For this reason, it is extremely important to have a trustworthy lawyer who can assist you through complicated legal issues that may be involving your income, joint property and children. If you are looking for seasoned lawyers who have a good understanding of family law in Victoria, BC, these firms can help.

The professionals will offer you personalized and family-friendly legal assistance, while minimizing the emotional, as well as financial impact of the divorce or separation. They will help you to understand your rights and advise you on the right steps to take. Some of the family law issues they can handle include:

  1. Separation agreements
  2. Mediation/negotiation

III. Divorce

  1. Child custody
  2. Child access
  3. Child maintenance

VII. Spousal maintenance

VIII. Government child apprehension

  1. Restraining orders
  2. Appeals or variations of the existing orders
  3. Marital and prenuptial agreements

Whether you need legal advice or want the best legal representation in court, it is always advisable to look for well-trained and experienced lawyers who will help you to understand all your rights and privileges in specific cases. If you are in Canada, you can find reputable law firms with experienced lawyers who have enough knowledge in criminal and family law in Victoria, BC. Whether you have just been booked for an offence or there are already criminal charges against you, these professionals can assist you.

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