Over the Limit? Pending Drug Charges? – Hire the Right Criminal Lawyers in Abbotsford

Sure, drug charges or a DUI might seem easy enough for a law firm to defend. However, a criminal lawyer in Abbotsford is far more prepared and knowledgeable in these cases than a civil lawyer will be. When the time comes to choose the criminal lawyer in Abbotsford to hire to represent you, where do you turn? Which firm has a specialized drug lawyer on staff to handle the case and charges?

drug lawyer

Why should you even hire a drug lawyer? When you’re facing criminal charges, it’s vital to know the answers to these questions. First off, they specialize in drug charges and cases. This means they are familiar with sentencing, they are familiar with police questioning, details around the cases, legal limits, and other relevant information pertaining to the cases. This kind of lawyer knows how to present the case; they know how to go about compiling evidence, disproving the case, or finding potential witnesses, which can make claims that are contrary to police evidence. All of this will end up resulting in lower sentencing for a client, and in some cases, having a case dismissed.


Many clients are not aware of the fact that they do not have to answer police questions if their lawyer isn’t present. So, if a police officer does make inquiries, and a client falsely criminalizes themselves, this can be thrown out during trial. When you choose the right law firm, they are going to know these facts, and they are going to learn which questions were asked when they weren’t present. If evidence was gleaned which can hurt their client, they will work to have it dismissed. All of these factors will result in lower sentencing, and in many cases, means any evidence police might have will be thrown out due to the fact that it was collected improperly. A civil firm might not know these facts or how to have evidence dismissed.


Criminal charges sometimes carry prison terms. Especially with certain types of drugs, or if the client is well above the legal limit, this can result in jail terms, and high fines and penalties. As a client, you want to know your legal team is going to fight to ensure this is not going to happen, and that they will work to ensure the lowest possible sentence or fines, regardless of the charges which are pending against their client. This is only going to be the case when a specialized drug charges firm is hired.

Before hiring a lawyer, or general firm, consider the charges. Consider the possible jail terms. Consider the surrounding evidence and facts. If you want the best possible defence, taking the time to find and hire a criminal firm will ensure the best possible result and outcome for clients. Regardless of the pending charges, or whether or not you were guilty, there are many ways a top-rated law firm can defend you. Make sure you take the time to compare several criminal firms. Doing so allows clients to find the best qualified, and eventually results in the best possible defence, regardless of the evidence which is pending against them in the drug charges case they are dealing with.

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