Reasons Why You Have To Hire A Criminal Lawyer in Winnipeg

Criminal charges can significantly affect your life and the lives of your loved ones. Having a criminal lawyer can determine whether you will be detained or you will be set free. A robbery lawyer in Winnipeg is charged with the responsibility of representing you in a court of law for minor cases, such as a misdemeanor or even hard cases, like a felony. One of the basic tenets of the legal system is that anyone charged with a crime should be given a legal representative to represent them in court. If you are charged with crimes such as domestic violence, sex crimes, drug crimes, drunk driving, driving under the influence, fraud, embezzlement, or theft, you should consider hiring an attorney.


The role of a criminal lawyer

If you are charged with robbery, which is a crime that can see you jailed for a really long time, a robbery lawyer in Winnipeg will assist you during the bond hearing. They will also represent you in all the other processes that might follow, such as the hearings, trial, plea bargains, probation hearings, appeals, and after-court remedies.

The attorney will investigate the case by interviewing all witnesses. He will, as well, do all the research the case entails, such as finding case law, procedural law, case codes, and statutes. Furthermore, the attorney will work to build a strong defence and develop a case strategy. A competent robbery lawyer in Winnipeg is well versed in everything from negotiating with the prosecution, to the plea bargains on smaller offences.

On top of that, these bright minds will work to challenge and even suppress evidence. They can tell when a witness contradicts a statement, or if the evidence put against you was not properly attained. These are some details concerning the law, which very few people understand.

How to find the right lawyer for your case

You want to make sure that the lawyer you are hiring is a trustworthy one that can immediately embark on organizing a tough defence for you. As a rule of thumb, it is good to involve both traditional means, as well as modern options when searching for the right lawyer.


Get references

Word of mouth from friends and relatives who have used a good criminal attorney may be of help. Go ahead and have an interview with them to find out whether they are the most suitable. If they are not, most will point you to the nearest criminal law office where you can find some.


These days, many criminal attorneys advertise in newspapers and on television, so it’s usually easy to know where they are located and call them later to know more about their background and services. You can visit a criminal law office for inquiries and suggestions on how you case will be handled.


You will be shocked at how many criminal lawyers have an online presence. Many directories have thousands of them, while others have their websites. Here, you will get to know almost all the information you need. Whether it is contact information, charges, experience or background, you will find it here.


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