Going Through a Divorce? – Who to call when you need legal assistance

A divorce isn’t fun for any of the parties involved. A lawyer in Kitchener who specializes in divorce proceedings is familiar with this. Spouses can’t get along, the kids don’t know what side to take, even friends and family can be torn apart, especially if one individual’s family loved the person they are divorcing. With this in mind, both spouses going through the divorce might be amicable and cordial to one another early on in the proceedings, but they might soon become belligerent and things can get messy very quickly. When this occurs, having a renowned divorce lawyer in Waterloo on your side is extremely important for both parties.

divorce lawyer

Why hire a lawyer? –
You might not think having a divorce lawyer in Waterloo is necessary. But, there are many reasons to hire a lawyer in Kitchener when going through a divorce. Among these reasons are:
– They help you through all the phases. From mediation, to asset distribution, to settling on property distribution, and dealing with custody rights.
– They also assist in financial issues, such as alimony, child support, spousal support, and deciphering documents (like a prenup).
– They walk you through the divorce. From having to go to court, pretrial hearings, custody hearings, asset proceedings, and otherwise, they will inform you of what will happen, how long it takes, and what you can expect.

Basically, your lawyer is your coach. They keep you grounded, make sure your legal rights are preserved, and will work to ensure you get everything which is yours (without compromising too much), in all phases of the divorce.

Why hire a specialized firm? –
So, you know why you need a lawyer, but why pay more to hire a divorce lawyer in Waterloo, rather than a general law firm? First off, they specialize in divorce. They know the divorce court, family court system and judges, are familiar with proceedings, and can properly prepare you for everything. Second, these lawyers know how the system works. If your ex-spouse tries to get control of your home, car, boat, and other assets (which you owned prior to the marriage), the lawyer knows how to preserve your rights, and stop this from happening.

Any good divorce lawyer is very familiar with the system. This means they know how mediation works, how to present evidence to the court, and how to show you are the more fit and financially stable parent. They know what needs to be presented, how to present it, and they will work meticulously to make sure the best possible outcome unfolds, as they are handling your divorce as your attorney of choice.

Divorces aren’t fun, and nobody goes into a marriage thinking they are ever going to have to go through this tedious process. But, they happen, and they happen in very high numbers. With this in mind, if you are going through a divorce, or one might likely take place in the near future because of your failing marriage, these are some reasons to hire a lawyer, and consider hiring a specialized divorce law firm to handle your case.

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